About Me

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Hello everyone! Welcome to Bridge to Beauty, my newest and most prized possession. My name is Heather Taliercio, and I live in the one and only New York City. There are two things in life that I love more than anything (aside from my family and amazing boyfriend of course), and those things are fashion and babies. So far I think I’m doing a pretty good job at fulfilling my dreams, as I am a 26-years old licensed Speech Language Pathologist, who works with the Early Intervention population, which has been beyond rewarding thus far! So even with this fulfilling career, there’s another side of me that yearns to be out in the world talking about everything else in my life that truly makes me happy.  My love affair with fashion and all things beauty started as far back as I can remember. I have spent the last five to seven years living, breathing, and dreaming fashion. I was and still am just like all of you, searching blogs and following fashion icons on my free time. I often find myself shopping online at 3 a.m. when I can’t sleep, watching youtube videos before I go to sleep or better yet as I walk through the isles of Sephora to make sure I get that exact product I just NEED to have (don’t judge, I know you’re all guilty of it), and organizing my shoes and clothes instead of studying, or doing anything else that I really should be doing with my free time. I’m that girl who has been inspired to try new makeup looks and new beauty products based on blog and youtube posts just before a night out or a special event. With that said, I have finally decided to fulfill a dream I have been dreaming and talking about for years, and that is to share my own life, style, routines, and opinions, with the hopes of inspiring all of you in the same way I have always been inspired. My goal for this blog is to share all the ins and outs of my everyday style, beauty tips, traveling tips, and more. I hope to give you all that extra push or extra tip on how to complete your day, outfit, or even the perfect meal!

I know after this long spiel you’re probably thinking to yourself, Why should I listen to this girl? What makes her so special or different from anyone else? The truth is I don’t have a long elaborate answer for you. I am just an ordinary everyday girl that wants to share her passion and inspire others. I want to share everyday experiences with all of you, that everyone no matter who you are can relate to in someway, whether it’s through an outfit post, a new skin care/makeup product I love or have grown to love, a must see travel destination, or even a new recipe. I want this blog to be inspiring, however, realistic and relatable. I may show you an amazingly healthy meal that I truly love to eat, but don’t think I didn’t have a cookie right after, because odds are I probably did. Everything in moderation 🙂 I hope my blog becomes a place of reoccurrence for people who share my obsession with all things fashionable, and reaches those who are searching for inspiration or new ideas to help create the lifestyle you love.

Welcome to our journey. Lets build a bridge  to beauty!



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